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What a 3D Rendering from Goldman Renderings Include

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On the last 10 years, Builders, Architects and Realtors have been asking what our 3D Renderings include. Below is a list of what you are getting on a 3D Rendering.Home 3D Rendering Included

  1. We create a 3D Model of your Home/Construction Project: the architecture design, add landscaping, add decorative details, everything you see in our samples.
  2. Texturing and Lighting of the entire scene
  3. Edition and Final Post-Production of each Rendered Scene
  4. What is Delivered are the end? A JPG file in High Resolution View in 300 dpi. We can provide you with different sizes to use it on different Media, such us: Website, Email Marketing, Signs, Brochures, and for any other usage you ae looking for
  5. You are the complete owner of the JPG file rendering, of your project and can use it as you need it.

We hope this information is helpful. In case you have any other question regarding what’s included on the 3D Rendering, please complete the form on the right of the page from the Rendering Free Quote page.

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