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Information Needed to Create a 3D Rendering

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Here is the information needed to create a 3D Rendering.


(1) To Start a 3D Rendering we need: Getting started with 3D Model creation Phase

Turnaround time: 2 to 3 days once you agree to get started.

For the 3D Model Phase, we just need plans (Elevations and Floor Plans), that can be in PDF or DWG vector format.

[In case you don’t have plans for your current project, we can also work with handmade sketches and/or photos as reference to understand the details for your project]


(2) Information Needed to Continue on the Materials, Colors, Landscape Phase: Adding Colors, Materials, Landscape.

Turnaround time: 2 to 3 days once your revision is ready.

For this Phase (Realism Stage), we’ll need images as reference for the:

  1. Type of roof,
  2. Driveway,
  3. Front door,
  4. Garage door,
  5. Walls, and
  6. any other detail you will be using on the project, and
  7. Color codes from ( ) or any paiting vendor you will be using on your project.


To learn more about the simple 2 step process we follow to create a Realistic 3D Rendering, click here.

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