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Home 3D Renderings for Listings – Increase Selling Speed

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On today’s flashing Real Estate market, many more Realtors and Builders create Home 3D Renderings for the listings. Realistic views of how the home will look like have proved to increase the selling speed. This is great news because you get commissions faster and move on to the next Home to sell.

Now, depending on the size and selling price of the Home, there are recommendations of what to create as marketing materials.

Smaller Homes 3D Renderings Recommendation


The recommendation for 1,000 to 4,500 sq feet Homes is to create 1 Exterior Home 3D Rendering + 1 Floor Plan render. You will spend around $850 – $950 USD for both views and you are getting great marketing materials to engage buyers and prospects before the Home is built, and help them understand the entire project easier.

Special Limited Offer to create a Home Exterior Rendering

In case you are looking to create just 1 Exterior Rendering, the price for a Home Exterior starts at $490. We are offering a special limited offer with a discount for first time projects, so if you are new to our services, you can take advantage of it and create the first Rendering project with a $100 discount.

Exterior and Floor Plan Renderings





3D Rendering - New Jersey Home
Home Architectural Rendering - NJ

Larger Residences 3D Rendering Recommendation


For Homes with 4,501 to 10,000 sq or more you can produce 2 Exterior Renderings: 1 Front and a Rear/Back View, and 1 Colored Floor Plan. In some cases an Aerial View will help to show the surroundings, specially when their is a great lake or the bay close to it.

For more luxury homes, several real state agents decide to create Interior 3D Renderings too. You may create a view of the Living Room, Kitchen, Master Bedroom, to enhance more the greatness of the project.

Interior 3D Rendering - Apartment Unit












If you are a realtor and have the plans of your current Home project, we’ll more than happy to review it and make you a specific recommendation.

On the meantime here are useful resources:

  1. What we need from you to create a Rendering
  2. Learn more about our Simple 2 Step Process to create the Realistic Visualizations


Do you have any Home you need marketing materials? At Goldman3D we look forward to review your project and collaborate with you. Just fill in the form at the right of the page, and we’ll get back to you with a few hours, usually 1 or 2 hours.

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