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7 Excellent Software Used for 3D Rendering

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when working on a 3d rendering project, it is essential to be familiar with the variety of architectural software available in order to choose the one that best works for us.

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Several program options can be chosen when it comes to carrying out architectural 3d rendering projects. The following programs listed below might be good options when selecting one:

• SketchUp y SketchUp PRO: it is an application easy to utilize and learn, through tools which provide a much simpler and faster 3D design process. It also offers information exchange with many other CAD, image edition, modeling and illustration software. The PRO version is the professional option, which is enhanced in several aspects.

• Ashampoo 3D-CAD: it is a professional software mainly based on the design of interior spaces and buildings, counting on the possibility to incorporate a variety of features and functions in 3D. It provides scenes filled with much realism in both 2D and three dimensions.

• AutoQ3D: this program counts on two versions: one free and a paid option. Both alternatives enable the creation of flexible architectural renderings and modeling with quality. Its functions can be applied with simplicity. Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that the paid one provides a much more complete set of functions.

• ARCHline XP: this is a CAD software specialized in rendering for architecture, with application to all sorts of constructions and building projects.

• BiMserver: this type of software is quite appealing due to its free service and it is also offered through GNU-GPL license. Although it is still under development, it may be useful when covering several needs of three dimensional rendering.

• Bocad 3D: this software is quite useful for applying all types of metallic structures to any kind of constructions. It also includes design modules for construction materials, stairs, aluminum or wooden structures, between other. Schools and institutions alike can obtain free-versions.

• YafRay: this program is offered under LGPL license, which means that it is free, enabling as a result, the creation of 3d rendering images and animations with great photorealism.

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