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3D Renderings – The 6 Most Frequently Asked Questions

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On the last ten years of work and about to reach the 200 customers, we have received different type of questions before, during and after starting a project. Here is a list of questions and answers of the 10 most frequently asked questions before starting a project.

3D Rendering FAQ

1.How is communication and information driven during a project?

Projects are thought to be driven via email. Previews, Camera Options, Updates, Markups, all are sent via email. We also use Dropbox and other file sharing systems to provide files, so that they do not fill your inbox. We send and receive everything via email. In some cases, a phone call is needed for the builder, realtor, architect to give general important insights of a project. For specific instructions, email and written content is the best, because we make sure the information is always there available for all our team to see it.

2.What do you need to work on the 3D Rendering?

We can divide the information needed in 2 parts: (1) Getting started with 3D Model creation Phase, and (2) Adding Colors, Materials, Landscape and Texturing Phase.

For the 3D Model Phase, we just need plans, that can be in DWG or PDF vector format. Both work perfectly well.

For the other Phase (Realism Stage), we’ll need images as reference for the: Type of roof, driveway, front door, garage door, and any other detail you will be using on the project, and color codes from ( ) or any paiting vendor you will be using on your project. For more specific information about what is needed on a Rendering project, please complete the form on the right of the page from the Renders Quote Page.

3.How many revisions are included in the Process of a 3D Rendering?

Normally a 3D Rendering takes around 2 to 3 revisions to be finalized. We are reasonable on the revision process, and if there are still discrepancies from the information you provided initially to create the view, we’ll continue working until there are no pending fixes needed. We are flexible and you will see this during the process.

A design change is something different from a discrepancy. What is included during revisions, are fixes from discrepancies and errors we make when 3d modeling the project. A design change is new scope of work. The reason is, that it is new information from the one provided initially. Because of this, for design changes, an extra fee needs to be calculated. These fees are also reasonable, and when it is something simple within our possibilities we’ll try to add a discount or make the change at no extra cost.

4. How much does a 3D Rendering Cost?

Pricing depends on the size and complexity of a project. To provide you with a precise estimate it will be good to see the plans of your current project and know the views you are looking to create. For instance: 1 Exterior View of the Front Side, 1 Rear View, and an Interior Living Room View.

5.Do you provide an Express/Urgent service?

Yes we do. We have a Saturday Working fee, Weekend Working fee, and Rush Night Working fee. Depending on the complexity of the project and the amount of views, is how the fees are calculated.

6.What is the final deliverable file?

The Final result is a 300 DPI JPG file of no less than 3,400 pixels wide. In case you need any other size, let us know in advance, so we create the specific size for your needs.


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