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3D Rendering Steps – Simple 2 Step Process

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This time I want to introduce you with the Simple 2 Step 3D Rendering Process we follow to create any type of project (3D Renderings and Animations).

3D Rendering Markups StepsFor you to understand a bit more of the process, here are the steps to create the 3D renderings. On each of the steps we mention the material requirements needed.

We can finish projects in 5 to 8 days. We also work rush orders with an additional fee.

We took as an example one of the home 3D Renderings we created for a builder in Florida and we added the different markups until the high resolution rendering is created for you to know about the rendering phases (see image above with the 2 phases revisions)

Although the example is from a residential design (exterior view), the steps are the same for any type of project (commercial, residential or institutional – big or small, interior or exterior, and even 3D Animations).

(1) The 3D Rendering process consists of 2 Phases: (Each phase may have more than 1 revision from your side)

For the “First Phase”(see Step 1 markup example below) which is the 3D Modeling of the Exterior or Interior Space, we work with the CAD, PDF plans or hand drawings, and the revision for the client consists on choosing from different camera angles we create and see if everything that was 3d modeled is correct.

3D Rendering Step 1On the “Second Phase”(see phase 2 markup example) which is Texturing, Adding Materials, Colors, Vegetation and Furniture to the project, we work by looking at photos, color patterns, and any explanation you give as about them, and the revision for the client on this step is about comments regarding materials, textures, colors and landscaping.

3D Rendering Step 2Finally we create the “High resolution Rendering” or renderings of the project, and you can revise any pending final details to be added, and we’ll take care of them.

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