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3D Architect Rendering and Choosing the Right Software

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Having the right software is vital for 3d house rendering. You can’t afford to make a wrong choice. If you are on a starting level at 3d design you have to consider this to be able to have a good head-start and optimize its use for communication and selling of your architectural projects.

We’ve discussed before how good hardware is needed to get a head start on 3d architect house design, we also talked about operating systems and we made a small list of what software you may use. The point here is not only to help people who want to be professionals on the subject and be knowledgeable in every aspect in 3d design, but to reach out entrepreneurs, builders, designers, architects and engineers that are not specialized in architectural 3d rendering to have the basic knowledge about the process and the tools used in 3d render processing, so as to optimize its usage for commercial and promotional purposes.

3D Architect Visualization of a Bank

Lets list some tips given out by specialists regarding picking the perfect software to develop 3d renders. There are platforms for all needs and tastes, and as with everything there are pros and cons about using each one of them. The most important asset in this particular case is the enthusiasm, effort, time and creativity a professional invests to learn to effectively use the application.

AutoCAD, 3D Studio MAX, Softimage, Alias Maya and Lightwave are great choices to do design, each one has its benefits, however, only you may know which of them all brings more to your table, can be customized to work with what you need, and also adapt to your working philosophy.

Asides from choosing a design software you also need an application that can edit and create textures as well as being able to edit the pictures you have, a computer program like Photoshop. You will also need software to reproduce the Virtual Reality files (VR) such as Quicktime.

Regarding the self-teaching tools you may get several tutorials online and e-books so you can thrive in the use of this 3d architect software and on the field of 3d-rendering in general.

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